Friday, September 9, 2011

I kinda feel like that frown today. Like, I have a scoop of ice-cream and it's really good but it's all over my chin and hands and I'm kinda tired of having to keep wiping it up, know what I mean? That's kinda where my day started, you see, bills weren't paid so big Kev's sing time no go. Labels are kinda like that, it's like here's the scoop of ice-cream in a cone and then oops, no cone just mint chocolate chip in the palm of your hands melting away as the sun passes overhead and time keeps ticking and the ice-cream keeps melting and hopefuly someone will come along with another cone so you can dump it in there to finish what it is you started out eating which is REALLY GREAT ICE-CREAM!



  1. Aw, I am sorry to hear that! Ya know what, I have these Powerball and Megamillion tickets burnin a hole in my wallet, if they hit, I got you covered :) Looove that picture!!

  2. :( same as above~ how about we do that thing that fundraisers do? everyone send in a few bucks and we will be all good? maybe? wish i could give you what you need you deserve it...

  3. It allways suck when it comes to the money. You go on the road and work your ass off and the lable scum are going home every night to their families and get to sleep in their beds , while your busting you ass. I think most of your fans would agree charge more for you tickets. maybe have a fan in each town help rally up people to get more people to the shows. I would like to thank you for the time you took out to hang with my wife and kids in charlotte back in dec. of 2010 and all the years before when you came to charlotte NC. You guys blow my kids away when you let us on you bus on the Into the Sun tour. My wife is a killer tattoo artist , need to let her hook you next time you out this way. Love you like a brother