Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok, so it's been several weeks since I've been on here spilling my guts, fears, hurts, thoughts etc., did you miss me? I sure did, I mean really, sometimes I just miss me you know! Anyway, it seems that I may tend to go a little bit overboard and lose some of you in the maze of my words and quirkiness so I'll do my best to ease up on the mind boggling (insert smirk here) and creative writing skills I picked up at DeVry over the spring quarter. Just trying to have a little fun in this crazy mixed up world wide web.

Ok, so here I am in Miami mixing The Gracious Few record with the one and only TLA (look it up) and I cant begin to explain to you how grateful I am that I get to do what it is that I love, honestly, this is my day job? I'm in love with music, I love everything about it, it is so beautiful and cute, i love it on blankets & towels & little paper bags, Music Forevah!

Right, so back to what i was saying. Music, Dahlheimer, Gracey, Hennesy, Taylor, Jerry Harrison & Tom Lord-Alge, Mifamli! This music is like crack cocaine baby, believe me when i tell you this, you are going to be addicted to the sounds of The Gracious Few. You'll be like "Hi, my names (insert name here) and I'm A Gracious-holic." It's that F*@+!*$ good. TURN IT UP LOUD, is all i can say because my ears are ringing with the sound of MUSIC!

You ever turn a song up so loud that you blew your speakers out and still didnt give a shit that the song no longer sounded the same but was still amazing yet you couldnt figure out why it sounded different and for that matter why you even cared that it sounded weird you just kept trying to turn it up LOUDER?!?

Little secret here for those of you that may not know. If you put a 1000 watt amp in your car to power your stereo you wont blow the speakers and you can turn that shit up so crazy loud that you'll blow your windows out before the speakers blow! Please note, i will not be held responsible for repairs to your car, car windows, speakers or ears if you choose to put said amp in your car, it's just a suggestion!

As I was saying, Having a blast down here, Delano last night, 8oz, Dewey's, Van Dyke tonight etc. etc. etc. but most importantly this record! So much magic happening and it's only day 3. We've been found once, the rest of you must not be looking hard enough, and will continue to slip the hints. If you can find us you can rock with us so keep on searching, we aint hiding!

antes de que nosotros hablemos otra vez,