Friday, September 9, 2011

I kinda feel like that frown today. Like, I have a scoop of ice-cream and it's really good but it's all over my chin and hands and I'm kinda tired of having to keep wiping it up, know what I mean? That's kinda where my day started, you see, bills weren't paid so big Kev's sing time no go. Labels are kinda like that, it's like here's the scoop of ice-cream in a cone and then oops, no cone just mint chocolate chip in the palm of your hands melting away as the sun passes overhead and time keeps ticking and the ice-cream keeps melting and hopefuly someone will come along with another cone so you can dump it in there to finish what it is you started out eating which is REALLY GREAT ICE-CREAM!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 7

Drums are done, 11 songs of complete and utter deliciousness and eargasmic joy. This will be a headphone record for those of you audiophiles and a speaker replacer for those of you that like it like i do, LOUD! So much for mp3's we're going to mp11! Anybody ready to hear some ROCK? xoxo

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Product RePlacment

Hours and hours of entertainment on the TV this morning, a sensory overload of goods and services, products that i cannot live without and Dinosaurs on trains not only teaching me everything I never learned in school but apparently they were as smart as most scientist today!

As i flip through the channels, HD of course, I begin to realize that I have indeed become the consumer of choice for a lot of these companies. Stopping at the commercial, allowing it to sink in thinking to myself, "hmmmmm, perhaps I should have that whatever the fuck thing it is, I simply must have one." Open the computer, do my research, is it really worth it, do I have space in the closet for storing it away, what does Consumer have to say about it or have they even reviewed such a device?

And then it sinks in, what the hell am i doing researching stupid, waste of my hard earned cash shit when I've got to Replace my 1yr. old LG window unit A/C that seemed to have died overnight? I mean, honestly, what is the NORMAL lifespan of a window unit A/C, its got to be more than 1yr. right and even if it is and it's under warrenty who really wants to take it out of the window, put it in the trunk of the car and drive it all the way to Best Buy or wherever it is that we purchased it only to have to then take it out of the car and drag it into customer service to be serviced which means no A/C tonight or possibly for the next couple of weeks. Can I get a rental whilst its in the shop?

Thats when this hits me, at what point in my life did I become so spoiled that I feel I can complain about LG and their wonderful products, I mean, they're doing their best to keep me comfortable right? Perhaps I let it run too long one to many times, maybe this is my fault my god I'm an asshole. I should use better common sense to think that I could run something for more than 24 hrs. If you think about it, we need to shut down for a few hrs. everyday so why shouldn't our electronics?

It's unfortunate that we are becoming comfortable with having to replace our shit sooner than it's "expiration date," that we can justify such worthlessness and shoddy craftsmanship and are ok with having to toss it out, there's room out there in those landfills right?

All of this is ruining my fucking Saturday morning with my son, sitting here typing this out on my Apple laptop (3rd one so far by the way, the other 2 expired) while i could be playing tinker toys with jasper (second set, 1st one magically dissapeared) and having a cup of beautifully brewed coffee pod coffee and relaxing, Arrrgggg Matey!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My dear friend Heather Pennington recently shot us at the Emerald Theater in Mt. Clemens MI and was kind enough to send me one of her favorite images! I must say, I feel pretty cool in my clean sox!

why we do what we do for you!

1970's beauty that sounds like the heavens and plays like the devil! Muah!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

General Ramblings

My Little Petey!

I've decided that I've more to say about nothing than the average bear so i'm gonna get a jumpstart on things and get to blogging again. It's been a long time a comin but a hella short time to get here but i'm gonna do what they say can't be done! Not really sure where that came from but Run Bandit, Run!

emotionally yours,